The IPVADC10BIT130 is a low-power 10-bit Successive
Approximation Register (SAR) ADC IP with a sampling
rate up to 30MS/s. The SAR algorithm uses a new SAR
algorithm that depends on our novel continuous disassembly

iot security

Low power tiny area IoT hardware security modules.

The IPVLPIOTRAES30 soft IP and as a hard ASIC IP.


The IPVTADC6BIT65 is a lo w-power 6-bit Time-Interleaved Time Based ADC IP with a sampling rate up to 8GS/s.

Considering a sampling rate of 8GS/s, a 1GHz input frequency and an input range of 0.9Vpp, this 6-bit ADC features an outstanding dynamic performance that includes 35.2 dB SNDR and 5.7-bit ENOB.